Subset (Compare 2 Attributes)

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  • Subset (Compare 2 Attributes)


    I have two relevant Dimensions.

    The First Dimension has an Attribut with an ID (unique).

    The second Dimension has an attribut where are placed Ids of the first dimension.

    Now I want to build a Subset whichs shows only elements based on the seleced element of the first dimension.

    How can i solve this easily? :)

  • I am trying atm:
    Subset with Attribut.
    If i can get there the value of the attribut of the selected Firstdimension then it will work.
    If I type the value there it works. But variable it does not work atm.
    I tried to write as a variable = dimension_id=B4

    Will try some soulutions :)
    But maybe someone of you knows this.
  • Okay for better understanding I have put a screenshot.

    D3 is a cell in my sheet, where I have the ID.

    How can i solve tihs (the soulution in the picture wont work, if i type the number in this field it works)

    Not the best solution cause when changing dimension I have to press three times F9.

    But it works.

    I habe a named Cellspace (named _idmatch) and there is placed the Name of the Attribut and the value.
    If I give this space to the variable, then it works!
    • attributincell.PNG

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