loading more than 2 dimensions

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  • loading more than 2 dimensions

    The "jedox for excel advanced" document describes importing data from excel in section 2.3.1
    While loading from a CSV file allows one dimension of data to be loaded per line, loading from excel apparently allows you to load 2 dimensions of data with one loading operation (the example uses a table of models vs months data) .

    Is there a way to extend that to 5, perhaps using loops and OFFSET to select which dimension is active?

    FYI, I am using Jedox Basic, no ETL

    Thanks in advance
  • using excel

    Hello! In this case you can combine the import wizard with Excel.

    In the txt you have to write the information like I show below. (Dimensions of the Cube and the 5 values).

    Dimension 1 Dimension 2... Dimension "n" Value 1 Value 2 Value 3 Value 4 Value 5

    In Excel you have to use five formulas, in diferentes cells, like I show below.

    =+PALO.SETDATA(Value 1;"FALSE";Server/Database;Cube;Dimension1;Dimension 2;..;Dimension "n")

    =+PALO.SETDATA(Value 2;"FALSE";Server/Database;Cube;Dimension1;Dimension 2;..;Dimension "n")


    =+PALO.SETDATA(Value 5;"FALSE";Server/Database;Cube;Dimension1;Dimension 2;..;Dimension "n")

    And you have to reference the formulas to the first row of the excel import, since the data will be loaded into that row.

    Regards, Claudia.