Measures only show values at lowest level / Consolidated Elements do not show aggregated value

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  • Measures only show values at lowest level / Consolidated Elements do not show aggregated value


    I just installed the Palo Server & Excel Plug-in (Versions at the end of the post) and tried to recreate the simple Palo ETL Example "importBiker" with a simple Dataset.
    The objective was to have a simple Cube with 4 Dimensions:
    - DateTime (Years, Quarters, Month, Days)
    - Company Hierarchy (All, BizUnits, Plants, ProdLines)
    - DataTypes (Actual, Budget)
    - OutputTypes (Revenue, Units)

    The import seems to be working fine, I can drill through the different hierarchical levels for DateTime & Company Hierarchy, but for some reason I only get data at the lowest possible element in each hierarchy. So in my case at "Days" & "ProdLines". The aggregation to the upper levels does not work. I attached below screenshots on how the Hierarchies are created - the facts link at "Day" and "ProdLines" Level to the 2 dimensions.

    Has anybody come across this problem or does anybody have an idea how to fix this?
    Thx a lot in advance :)

    Version 3.2 Community Edition (Build 5096)
    Excel 2013 32-bit

    Palo Suite Release 3.2.0
    (Windows NT 6.1
    Date: 2011-07-29
    15:00:33 +0200
    2011-07-19 14:28:23 +0200
    Build Date: 2011-07-25 15:06:50
    Server Version:
    Client Library
    Server Version:
    Web Client Version:
    • DateTime.png

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    • CompanyHierarchy.png

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    • Facts.png

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  • Hi,
    please check that all elements in hierarchies you created in olap are numeric and not string elements. If you assign string element under any consolidated element, the consolidation is not calculated. It can only store string value.
    I suppose you have no rules defined that would prevent default numeric aggregations.

    Edite: one more Idea: check consolidation weights in your dimensions to make sure they are non-zero


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  • Hello Jiri,

    Thx a lot for your quick reply. I will check out your proposal.
    Just so that I understand you correctly - if I take a part of my company hierarchy and elements under consolidated elements must not be strings, then what I have in my screenshot is basically wrong.... right? I would have to change these to type numeric, correct?
    • HierarchyStrings.png

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  • Following Jiri's instructions I changed in the ETLs the "Data Types" to numeric for all 4 dimensions. The DateTime Dimension was already in the approriate format - however, I put the others unknowingly on "String" thinking that it would have something to do with the actual Element Name. Now the aggregation works perfectly.

    Thank you very much Jiri! :D