ETL-Server and Drill Through

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  • ETL-Server and Drill Through


    I just installed Jedox Palo Suite 3.2 SR3 and realized that the ETL-Server is not working. Can anybody explain to me, how I can fix this and make it run?

    My second question is about the drill through function. It is also not working. Do I need the ETL-Server that this function will work? Or is this function not possible for this version of Palo? (But I found it in the manual for this version... ?( )

    I´m looking forward to your answers,

  • Hi Susi,

    1st question : what does "ETL-Server" is not working ? What are the symptoms? What do you have in log/tomcat/etlserver.log ?

    2nd question: drill-through is only available in the Premium version as this uses a supervision-server event. Supervision-Server is a premium feature (but you can test it by downloading jedox 5.0)

    hope this helps!

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • Hey laloune,

    thank you for answering!

    to the 1st topic: The login is not available. (see picture) How can I fix this?

    to the 2nd topic: I thought it would be also in the earlier versions, as I found the function in the manual with advanced topics of the version 3.2 SR3?
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  • Hi Susi,

    1/ do you run Palo on Linux ? if yes then look in the startscript the line that starts the tomcat service could be commented
    2/ nope, you definitely need the supervision-server to use drillthrough. But you still can use an odbc connection to get the data from the relational db

    hope this helps !

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc