Advantages and disadvantages Palo Web (report)

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  • Advantages and disadvantages Palo Web (report)

    Good morning.
    I am new and I am Jedox Palo studies on the advantages and disadvantage of palo web reporting mode to deepen my knowledge. Could someone give me the pros and cons please? I already perform research on the subject on the net but in vain no precise data :( ;( .
    Thank you :) .
  • Hi louvah,

    please let me give you my point of view:

    - No installation and deployment of an add-in on user machines
    - No need to send Excel files with PALO* formulas (centralized reports)
    - Standard and well-known architecture (Apache Server) : easy to configure and to integrate within a company
    - Enhanced possibilities : dynaranges, form elements, hyperlinks, macros, user-based or group-based features (you can show some objects, hiderows or columns based on who is logged in), higher security (each object can be managed)
    - Increase performance cause in the Web interface only the visible cells are refreshed (whereas in Excel all the workbook is refreshed)
    - Complete enhancable using custom widgets

    - no return of errors, for instance by entering a consolidated value or text value or Supervision-Server events
    - Browser compatibilty (Internet Explorer is not very performant here)
    - More difficult user acceptance for the core Excel-User profile

    well I realise that this is a little bit disproportionate but that's what I think :)

    Any other idea ?

    Hope this helps !

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc