User Rights on Dimensions

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  • User Rights on Dimensions


    I would like to know a way to prevent users from deleting specific elements of a dimension (and modifying the consolidation of those elements). I am using Jedox

    I was thinking of using the Cube #_Group_Dimension_Data_<My Dimension> but filling the specified element line with "R" doesn't prevent users from doing anything (like deleting).

    And I actually need to do this using the ETL because I have about 5000 elements to lock this way.

    Thanks for you answers!

  • Hi Charles,

    I don't think this is possible :

    #_GROUP_DIMENSION_DATA_<dim> is used to restrict on the cell-data level : "R" means "I can read the data on this element", "W" means "I can read and input the data on this element" and "D" means "I also can delete it"

    But I guess you can use the initDimensionWorker trigger in Supervision-Server if you use a licensed jedox version. This will be executed when an element is deleted. But this will not work wenn changing the consolidation (cause this event is not supervised)

    hope this helps !

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