Cube values are incorrect restored in reports

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  • Cube values are incorrect restored in reports

    Hi dear all,

    we set up several cubes in Jedox Web 5.1 and successfully loaded data from several databases.

    Each cube contains the single dimensions of 'Operating Units', 'Years', 'Months', 'Data types', and 'Measures'.
    'Measures' are billings and cost accounts, and are structured by a TreeNC.
    'Operating units' are structured by a TreeFH: 'Units', 'Cost Center', 'Sub Cost Center'.
    As the name of an operating unit element always is unique, names of elements for 'Cost Center' may repeat.

    We have called the cube data in reports for checking and see some figures are correct and some are not. Some values of base elements are incorrect. We do not see a rule behind. Nearly all higher aggregated values are not summing up correctly but multiply by some rule. :?:

    Element consolidations and factors are checked and correct.

    Please, does anybody know the problem or solution or can give a hint what to change? :whistling:

    Thanks a lot in advance