Big Dimension Performance

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  • Big Dimension Performance

    Dear All

    I am working with a product dimension of 180,000 items and fact of 400,000 item magnitude. I am oerking with analyzer and after 3-4 minutes i receive an error message, due to timeout exception.

    Consiering this case, how can I improve performance avoiding any kind of erros?

    Any help will be really appreciated.

  • Hi Jiri,

    I am working on a VM with 8GB of RAM, 8 CPU and Jedox Premium Trial.
    I am working with a fact table of about 400,000 record and a big product dimension of 180.000 product.

    I am able to create the cube in 3 minutes but when using Jedox Analyzer or spreadsheet on order to query the cube by dimension I wait 3-4 minutes, and then receiving a timeout error or a screen freeze.

    If you want I can send you my ETL package.

    Is there any setup/configuration option to Jedox side?

  • Hi Roberto,
    I'm sorry but I'm busy these days.
    I suppose you are using latest 5.1 version.
    The dimension could be really big for some of the operations and client tools. I wanted to do some tests, but I had no time for it.
    How many levels the dimension has? Is it hierarchical or flat?
    I do not have experience with Analyzer. If you press the "paste view" button in excel client and browse the dimension itself, is the response time ok?
    When exactly system stops responding? During creation of the view or after refreshing the view?
    Can the operation be aborted in Jedox Web admin console? There you can see list of running tasks on OLAP server and terminate them.
    I suppose you do not use any rules in your cube. Symptoms you are describing are usually result of rule calculation.


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  • HI Jiri

    thanks for your help.
    * I have 450K daily record as fact and 80K-100K member for our product dimension (flat, without any kind of hierachyes)
    * My intent is to show for a particular day the top product by order or revenue.

    When using Web Analyzer i receive an alert on "Conferm cell loading - The resulting view will show xxxx data cells." then the screen still remain on "Updating View" and I continue to receive "unresponsive javascript".

    When using Spreadsheet Analyzer, the system take very long time to show data.

    Please, when you have time, can you provide me info about load testing and capabilities of palo/Jedox?