Palo ETL Server and Kattle ETL with rule?

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    • Palo ETL Server and Kattle ETL with rule?

      Hi All,

      Recently, I am studying BI, and I choose Palo 3.2 suite because it is free and easy to implement. However, I face some ETL performance issues while I try to extract cube into sql server with based rules. It takes several hours to complete the job if I setup too many rules in the cube. Does anyone have any experience to expedite palo etl performance? I am using Palo ETL Web 3.x.

      Moreover, I am much more familiar with Kattle Palo ETL sollution. However, it doesn't seem to support rules while extrat cube data via Palo Cell Output. Does anyone have idea to get cube data with rules? I am using Kattle 5.x.

      Any suggestion is appreciated.