Problem with Palo for Excel setdata function

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  • Problem with Palo for Excel setdata function

    Dear Users

    I'm using Palo to create an overview of elements with many attributes. Some attributes may contain long texts. In one column I have the content that should be written on the attribute of a certain element, in the other column I have the palo.setdata command .

    (=IF(AND('DE, Erfassung'!$S$6<>"Mitausreisender Partner";$B$5="schreiben");PALO.SETDATA($B21;FALSCH;$A$1;$A$2;$A21;$B$);PALO.DATAC($A$1;$A$2;$A21;$B$)))

    So if the two criteria are true, the setdata command is executed, otherwise data on the element number is displayed.

    Now, for most attributes this works very well, but for others it does not write the full text. It does not stop at the same length or at a given sign, but anywhere randomly. If it is repeated, it is always cut off at the same point in the text, so I cannot imagin it to be due to the time used for calculation.

    Can anyone imagine why this could be? Or does anyone know a solution to this Problem?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi eliass,

    if I remember well a cell in Excel can contain only 255 characters, that could be the reason for the truncation of your text. Meaning, your text it correctly uploaded, but when you try to display it it will show only the first 255 characters.

    Solution : use a matrix formula with PALO.DATAT

    hope this helps !

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • The solution unfortunately did not solve the Problem. Excel Shows all caracters, if i put all characters manually into the palo.datac formula, there is no Problem. The Problem seem to be the palo.setdata function, which does not write the full text into the data cube. And it is not always the same number of characters.

    I use Office 2010 and palo for Excel 3.1

    Please Help!

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  • Hey. You were right!

    Indeed 255 characters are the Maximum for the setdata function. It just seemed random because it subtracts the last 255 characters and writes the what is left of the beginning, as soon as you have more than 255 characters. I don't know why there is a limit, because with the datac function you can wirte as much as you like and it works. And also the way the limit is applied is rather weired to me.

    With the Matrix function I therefore not solve this problem, because it is not wirten into the cube. This is a pitty because it was one of the reasons I used Palo in the first place.

    Thank you anyways!
  • Hi eliass,

    I have the impression that this is no limitation from the Palo.setdata but from Excel : I tried to use a string of 300 characters in the following formula:

    Source Code

    1. =MID("<300 characters>";1;3)

    it returns an error

    don't you have any other possibilities to write your data into the cube ? I mean what is your use case, do your users input such long strings ?

    maybe we can find another solution

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc