Empty numeric attribut

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    • Empty numeric attribut

      Hallo zusammen,

      We have a question concerning numeric attributs.
      We want to load a date as an attribute in a way that Excel can immidiately recognize it as a date.
      Therefore Excel needs the 1900 Date System, because it does not work with something like "13.12.2012", and the attribute must be numeric.
      The dimension is built by severial loads and now we face the problem that Palo does not write empty numeric attributes.
      So for the elements which do not have a date to import Palo does not leave the attribute empty, but writes a dummy.

      Is there a solution for that problem?

      Thank you for your help and have a nice day
    • Hi Dnegelof,

      I don't think I understand your problem : you try to have an attribute that would be for instance 41275 for 01.01.2013 ; this should be numeric to be formatted as a date by Excel.

      How is formatted your element ? I guess you could parse this element using a rule on attribute cube and convert it into a number.

      Can you please describe more precisely what you need to achieve.

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc