How to generate a default element for a time dimension using a Calendar Extract?

      How to generate a default element for a time dimension using a Calendar Extract?

      Hi there,

      when generating a time dimension using a Calendar Extract in Jedox 5.1, there is no way to add an additional element to make it the default element for the CreateUnderDefault/MapToDefault switch in the cube load.
      Is there a way to transform the calendar extract to something different, that can be amended an additional field?

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      OMartin (Jedox newbie)
      Hi OMartin,

      yes, here is what I would do in this case:

      - generate your calendar, for instance:
      => Jan 2014
      ==> 01.01.2014

      let's say that you want a "2014 N/A" directly under 2014:

      using a "Tree" Extract generate this new element:

      => 2014 N/A

      then 2 solutions (depending on how you populate the dimension)
      - use 2 loads to create the calendar, then append the NA element
      - use a TreeJoin to merge both extracts and load it using a load.

      Hope this helps !


      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
      Hi Laloune,

      first, thanks for your support. But i´m afraid i didn´t get it. My calendar extract looks like this:

      Level Start End
      -------- ----- ----
      years 2010 2015

      This results in a tree like:

      2013 -> Qtr.1 -> February -> 02/02/2013

      I populate the dimension by just starting a dimension load with the calendar extract as it´s source. Could you please elaborate on your suggestion?


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      Hi OMartin,

      okay I got it. the fact is that you must append your N/A element to your hierarchy but you cannot do this in the calendar extract, you need an extra step inbetween:

      - use a "ConstantTree" extract where you define your N/A element, as well as the parent under which this has to be allocated
      - use a "TreeJoin" to append this ConstantTree to your existing calendar Extract
      - use your TreeJoin as the source for your dimension load.

      I hope this makes more sense to you.


      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
      Hi Laloune,

      I tried it that way, but Jedox doesn´t seem to like it. When testing the transform in order to see the data preview it never comes back ...
      Here´s what I did:

      1) Calendar extract e_cal:
      All Years -> Years -> Quarters -> Months -> Days

      2) Constant Tree e_ctree:

      All Years -> N/A

      3) TreeJoin:
      Source: e_cal - root element: All Years
      Source: e_ctree - root element: All Years
      Hi OMartin,

      actually you do not need to set the root element in the TreeJoin, because you set it previously

      what do you mean with "it never comes back" ? can't you see the preview or do you get any error message ?

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc