How to generate a default element for a time dimension using a Calendar Extract?

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    • How to generate a default element for a time dimension using a Calendar Extract?

      Hi there,

      when generating a time dimension using a Calendar Extract in Jedox 5.1, there is no way to add an additional element to make it the default element for the CreateUnderDefault/MapToDefault switch in the cube load.
      Is there a way to transform the calendar extract to something different, that can be amended an additional field?

      thanks & regards
      OMartin (Jedox newbie)
    • Hi OMartin,

      yes, here is what I would do in this case:

      - generate your calendar, for instance:
      => Jan 2014
      ==> 01.01.2014

      let's say that you want a "2014 N/A" directly under 2014:

      using a "Tree" Extract generate this new element:

      => 2014 N/A

      then 2 solutions (depending on how you populate the dimension)
      - use 2 loads to create the calendar, then append the NA element
      - use a TreeJoin to merge both extracts and load it using a load.

      Hope this helps !


      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
    • Hi Laloune,

      first, thanks for your support. But i´m afraid i didn´t get it. My calendar extract looks like this:

      Level Start End
      -------- ----- ----
      years 2010 2015

      This results in a tree like:

      2013 -> Qtr.1 -> February -> 02/02/2013

      I populate the dimension by just starting a dimension load with the calendar extract as it´s source. Could you please elaborate on your suggestion?


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    • Hi OMartin,

      okay I got it. the fact is that you must append your N/A element to your hierarchy but you cannot do this in the calendar extract, you need an extra step inbetween:

      - use a "ConstantTree" extract where you define your N/A element, as well as the parent under which this has to be allocated
      - use a "TreeJoin" to append this ConstantTree to your existing calendar Extract
      - use your TreeJoin as the source for your dimension load.

      I hope this makes more sense to you.


      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
    • Hi Laloune,

      I tried it that way, but Jedox doesn´t seem to like it. When testing the transform in order to see the data preview it never comes back ...
      Here´s what I did:

      1) Calendar extract e_cal:
      All Years -> Years -> Quarters -> Months -> Days

      2) Constant Tree e_ctree:

      All Years -> N/A

      3) TreeJoin:
      Source: e_cal - root element: All Years
      Source: e_ctree - root element: All Years