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  • Deduplication


    I have populated PALO with a lot of information about our company annual budgets for each project.

    We have a dimension called "Projects" which contains all the project names and it is structured in regions, countries and continents. At the end, we have more than 300 elements in projects dimension.

    We have collected information from different departments and we have populated all the information in PALO. Unfortunately, we have found that some different names belongs to the same project, but each department has its own name. We are deduplicating information manually, summing quantities in one project and deleting the duplicates in order to have a unique project list, after that we will create attributes for each department.

    The question is: ¿Are there any easiest way for deduplication?

    Luis Carlos
  • RE: Deduplication

    Hello Icf,

    I'm very, very sorry for the delay!

    For different names it helps to use attribute cubes. The designators for your department project names and the 'official' project name can be matched in this cube and be easily set (at least once) and changed. In the Evaluation Guide there is one short example (p. 53). - Set the attributes first and then start the calculating.