Erreur Talend Loading cube with tPaloOutputMulti

    Erreur Talend Loading cube with tPaloOutputMulti

    Hi everyone.
    I am new to this discussion.
    I use Talend for the creation of my database Palo.
    I can not feed my cube with tPaloOutputMulti.
    Error :

    Source Code

    1. "4004 Element not found element with identifying 4294967295 not found in size Talend Palo I do not know where the problem lies. "

    Someone could help me with a full tutorial please.
    Thank you.
    Hi Louvah,

    I hope by now you would have successfully resolved this issue. I am new to Jedox and I encountered the same issue today. However, finally managed to resolve it, but ensuring that the element names coming from my CSV datasource was encapsulated with double quotes.

    I also found this post by Roberto Marchetto very useful.…loOutputMulti_tPaloOutput


    from Sri Lanka