[Palo Excel] How to display element Attribute?

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  • [Palo Excel] How to display element Attribute?

    Hello, can i've some help please? :)

    I'm a beginner with Palo Excel.

    I have a dimension Date with attributes (Element, Name, Year, Semester, Trimestre).

    For example (08_2014, August, 2014, S2, T3).

    Pasting view, i've function =PALO.ENAME($A$1;"Date";"04_2014";0;"Year\S2\T3\04_2014") which return 04_2014 in Excel cell.

    How can i display the Name attribute in order to return August in the cell?

    Thank you a lot for your help and sorry for my so bad english :)
  • Hi,
    you can select an attribute / alias for display in the "Choose Element" and "Chose Element" dialogs.

    See the screenshots, they should make it clear, hopefully.

    Note: To show additional options in the dialogs, click on the "More" button bottom-right.
    • attribute1.png

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