failed zo open log file

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  • failed zo open log file


    I have problems to start Palo. The report in the log-file:

    01.02.2007 10:59:34 INFO: using dimension log file: ".\erg\REE=.dimension.log"
    01.02.2007 10:59:34 INFO: processing dimension: "DRG"
    01.02.2007 10:59:34 INFO: loading dimension: ".\erg\RFJH.dimension.xml"
    01.02.2007 11:00:20 INFO: using dimension log file: ".\erg\RFJH.dimension.log"
    01.02.2007 11:02:20 ERROR: SERVER MAIN: error loading data:
    Error code: -22
    0 dimension_init_log() [olap_dimension_l:0503]: failed to open log file of dimension: "DRG"
    1 load_dimension_simple() [ load.c:0520]: failed to initialize dimension log
    2 process_dimension() [ load.c:0568]: -
    3 load_database_simple() [ load.c:0234]: -
    4 load_database() [ load.c:0398]: -
    5 load_root_simple() [ load.c:0149]: -
    6 load_root() [ load.c:0189]: -
    7 load_data() [ main.c:0118]: -
    8 servermain() [ main.c:0282]: -

    01.02.2007 11:02:20 ERROR: SERVICE MAIN: server main failed!
    01.02.2007 11:02:20 INFO: MAIN: done - exiting...

    Where is the problem??

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards
  • RE: failed zo open log file

    Hello Aisakos,

    If your database is corrupted, the server start will fail, so your have to remove
    your database and restart the server. In your case Palo server fails to open
    the log file for your dimension "DRG", - what did you do in the step before?