threshold rules

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    • threshold rules

      Hi there

      I am new to Jedox and was wondering if anybody could help me with the following

      Is Jedox Rule Editor capable of setting a value threshold for a particular Dimension/Element

      For example my cube has

      Product (of which product A is an element)
      Measure (of which ASP - Average Selling Price is an element)

      Could I have a rule that says the maximum value for the ASP of Product A for any Year/Vendor is 750?

      Apologies if i'm going about this completely wrong and Rules are not the way to go

    • Example would be:

      ['ASP','Product A'] = IF ( STET() > 750, 750, STET() )

      Rule basically says: if actual cell value is bigger than 750, return 750, else return the actual cell value.

      Note that this (using STET() in condition part of IF() rule) only works as of version 5.1.

      If someone enters a bigger value, it will still be in the database; but when value is fetched in normal data retrieval, it will return 750 as maximum value. Keep in mind that some ways of data retrieval (say, Cube export) will not use rule-calculated values by default, in those cases, you'd still get the bigger value.

      If you wanted to be sure that the actual value in the cell never exceeds 750, you'd have to use Supervision-Server to validate all inputs and make sure inputs larger than <maximum> are refused.