tPaloOutputMulti error 9002 CellReplaceBulkJob failed

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    • tPaloOutputMulti error 9002 CellReplaceBulkJob failed


      using Talend I get an error using the tPaloOutputMulti component. Elements have been checked beforehand using tPaloCheckElements, which is working: 1 record was rejected, 1 accepted.

      Unfortunately it is not possible to commit anything into the cube. Here is the error message from the server log:

      Source Code

      1. 2014-10-30 15:44:56 WARNING: error code: 4004 description: element not found message: element with id '4294967295' not found in dimension 'Datenart'
      2. 2014-10-30 15:44:56 WARNING: error code: 9002 description: Commit failed. message: CellReplaceBulkJob failed. Internal error occurred.

      Nearest hit I found for that error was an older bug from 2011:

      Palo version is 2014-10-30 11:45:20 INFO: starting Jedox OLAP 5.1.4 (5577)

      Talend version is 5.3.0


      Currently I need to load data using the Excel Add-In. This will not be sufficient for daily usage regarding performance and automation, and for several reasons I need to stick with Talend.

      Since I can load the same data that is rejected when using Talend by using the Excel Add-In, and I checked the elements using tPaloCheckElements, I am afraid I am hitting a bug here.

      Any help would be appreciated,
      Best regards

      *edit* - It is perfectly possible to add elements to my DB using tPaloDimension - works without problems. So I think connectivity issues can be ruled out here. Currently I am using admin as user for all activities.

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    • What can I do to fix this problem?

      Hi gurus,

      surely you are very busy... My project cannot go on without fixing this problem - I really need the bulk upload. Manual CSV upload using the Excel Add-In is not suitable for automated ETL...

      Any hint would be very welcome!

      Best regards