ETL field Transformation Error: Unparseable date

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    • ETL field Transformation Error: Unparseable date


      I am connected to Jedox 5.1 with SQL server 2012. Below is the scenario:

      Starting with a simple relational extract that yields a "datetime" column of the format YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS. 0 using the query:

      select, dateadd(S, fepoch, cast('1970-01-01' as datetime)) as datetimepart
      from tss

      I am trying to perform a field transform of function type "dateformat"
      for year, month and day dimensions using the above extract source (with datetimepart column).

      The transformation results in following error:
      Failed to transform value datetimepart of column datetimepartETL_CONST_FIELD0 in function Year: Unparseable date: "datetimepart"

      How could I resolve this? :huh:

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