Calculating inside dynarange does not work correctly...

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  • Calculating inside dynarange does not work correctly...


    I have a cube that lists aids. each has a beginning date (as a dimension) and a ending date (as a dimension).
    I want to calculate the difference: beginning - ending aids.

    So I put three dynaranges amoung each other
    y-axis is always the category of the aid.
    x-axis is
    - for the first one beginning date
    - for the second one ending date
    - for the third one beginning date (beginning and ending date dimensions have the same range)

    I now want to calculate for every cell the cell in the first minus the cell in the second table.

    So I put =E9-E14 into the third dynarange. E9 = palo data function for first table, E14 for the second.

    It seems that each result in the third table always refers to always to E9-E14 and not D9-D15, D10-D16 and so on.

    I thinks I've done something wrong.. How can I make jedox to calculate with the correct cells?