Premium feature "attributes" detected

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  • Premium feature "attributes" detected

    I am in the process of migrating a Palo 3.1 (I believe this is the version) OLAP server installation to a Jedox 5.1 SR1 installation on Windows Server 2012 R2.

    When loading a couple of databases the following information event is logged:

    Premium feature "attributes" detected. Database: "Reporting" Attribute Cube: "#_Facility"

    I am also getting the warning on the 'demo' database imported from the Palo 3.1 installation.

    While I am not 100% familiar with Palo licensing, as far as I can tell, the client's current Palo 3.1 installation is not a premium installation (if anyone can assist me to determine this for sure I would appreciate it - Note that I don't have access to the current server, but do have a copy of the entire Palo folder from this server), so I'm a little perplexed as to why I am getting this message. On the client side (Excel), I get a message also indicating that there are premium features on the server, and the only option I have is to unload premium features. At this point I am unable to access the 2 databases in question on the client side.

    Is anyone able to offer me any further insight into this issue?


  • With version 5, we introduced the free "Base" version of Jedox. As the name suggest, the Base version includes basic functionality, but excludes some advanced functionality, such as user rights, Supervision Server usage, or usage of dimension attributes. If the Server, on startup, detects that a database uses such advanced functionality (attributes in your case), it only allows access if it also finds a full Jedox license; if you're using a base license, or no license, it will prompt you to unload the content. To access your databases, you first have to remove advanced functionality from it (attributes in this case).

    By the way, you can use all features of Jedox OLAP Server in the open source version. However, Jedox Excel Addin will not connect to the open source version.
  • Thanks for your quick reply Dominik.

    So I'm assuming that the 'Attributes' functionality used to be available in the free version but that this is no longer the case?

    In any case, I'm no DBA, what are 'Attributes' and how would we go about removing these from the databases? Or are these likely to be integral to the data itself?

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  • Yes, "attributes" functionality used to be in the "Community version", but was removed in Base version.

    Attributes are, as the name suggests, attributes for a dimension. Say you've got a dimension "Products", where element names are some product codes; and attribute "name" might then be used to store the friednly name of each product.

    They are not integral in the sense that you can design usable databases and cubes without them, ad removing them will not break your cubes, or implicitly remove cube data. (Only exception would eb if you used attributes in rule-calculations, but most types of cube rules are premium features in version 5+ as well ;) )

    You can remove attribute for example by using Modeller in Jedox Excel Add-In. But you'd need to do it before upgrading.