Newbie: Security help

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  • Newbie: Security help


    Please excuse my lack of understanding of Jedox (5.1.4) security, I am a newbie to this.

    It seems simple what i'm trying to do, but jedox is not behaving as I expect.

    What i'd like to be able to do is for all cubes within a single database to be able to be read by any user group, but only particular user groups able to write to particular cubes.

    where I thought i'd understood the documentation i have assigned the user group in Group_Cube_Data for a particular cube as R (which correctly says Insufficient Rights when i try to edit cell values). however, if i change Group_Cube_Data for that user group to W, it still says insufficient rights when i try to edit cell values?

    Is it getting security overridden at a higher level? if so where do i change that to match my desired result?

    the database #Configuration default rights is set to R