Palo ETLServer 5.1- ETL Manager?

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    • Palo ETLServer 5.1- ETL Manager?

      Hi Sir/ Madam,

      I tried to upgrade and compiled Jedox ETLServer 5.1 via Eclipse following the guideline below and come out etlserver.war successfully.

      I put the war file into tomcat 7, and started up it. After this, I could browser to http://localhost:8080/etlserver . However, the problem occurs to me now. How should I login ETLServer Manager and where is the login in interface? There is no Palo-Web anymore so I could not find and entrance of Palo ETL Manager like before.
      Furthermore, I tried to access http://localhost:8080/axis2-web, but the browser auto redirected to http://localhost:8080/etlserver/info/index.html.

      Did I miss any step? Any support and advice are appreciated. (the last version which I use is Etlserver 3.2) ?(