Copy & Like Function with Ruled Element.

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  • Copy & Like Function with Ruled Element.

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I am used to the copy function in Palo 3.2 and It works fine even if I copy the value from ruled elements.
    However, recently, I upgrade my MOLAP Server to 5.1.The copy function doesn't work in the case of ruled element. Does it become standard or is there any "copy" command change between 3.2 and 5.1?

    My Command in column: copy version:Ver01;year:2014

    Any suggestion is appreciated.
  • dominik_l wrote:

    On level of OLAP /cell/copy API, the behavior is controlled by the parameter "use_rules"; if 1, olap will use rule-calculated value from the source slice for the copy operation.
    In cell input e.g. via Excel Addin, this can be controlled by adding the keyword "withrules" to the copy string, e.g.
    copy 2013 withrules
    Hi Dominik,

    Thanks for the proper reply. :)

    I have tried it and add withrules in the ending of the script like "copy 2013 withrules" that you mentions. it seems not to work without any error message via LibreOffice Palooca 5.x Add-in, but get an error message via Palo Excel Add-in 3.x - Element not found!

    Moreover, I get same error message when I try to take the script "copy 2013 withrules" and execute it in LibreOffice Palooca 5.x Add-in, but succeed to copy the ruled values after I remove "withrules".

    In summary, the script (copy ruled values) won't be executed in Excel 3.x add-in, but work in LibreOffice Palooca 5.x Add-in under Palo MOLAP 5 1. The problem is due to conflicted version between Add-in and MOLAP Server. I guess, it should be working in Excel 5.x add-in (based version) as well. :P :P :P :P

    Enjoy the try-in-error. Thanks for your support anyway.