How to extract quantity of sold units per country?

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    • How to extract quantity of sold units per country?

      Hi everyone,

      Again I need somebodies help to solve a problem.
      I am creating a report which has to reflect the turnover and the quantity of sold products per country.
      My sourcefile is a csv file which I absolutely not want to touch.
      in the file I get the following information: name of sold product, country of the buyer, customer price, type of transaction.
      unfortunately i could not just count the name of the sold products becaus for one sold or returned object I always have at least to lines. One is a fee we habe to pay to the processor and the other is our margin. but in some cases there are even more than 2 lines for tax or other fees.
      I am now trying to solve that problem as follows:
      I created a field tranform which puts the transaction type and the product title together.
      what I would need is a counter which counts the times one combination of product title and the transaction type which is printed in the line where our margin is mentioned.

      does anyone know how I could solve this?

      thanks for your assistance.

      kind regards
    • if you just want to save the quantity of sold units, i would suggest to select only e.g. the margin rows in the extract using sql and then you can save it to the database using a table normalization with a constant input of 1 to count the rows accordingly and load it to olap.

      in case you also need the other numbers margins, tax, shipping, etc you have to take everything from the extract, add a table view to select only e.g. the margin rows and follow above instructions, for margins, tax, etc add a table normalization and load it to olap