Splashing upwards only

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  • Splashing upwards only

    Hi there

    I have a dimension called Region_Country that looks like the below

    -----------------------North America
    -----------------------Central & Latin America

    Is it possible to use the splash in the SETDATA function to aggregate data upwards in the hierarchy and not down. For example in one cube I may have data at country level for USA, I want to splash upwards to North America, Americas and Global, but in another cube I only have data at Regional level for Central & Latin America which I would like to splash up to Americas and Global but NOT down to Argentina, Brazil and Chile?


  • hi jellybean,

    in jedox the data is stored on the most granular level. That means that the aggregations are not stored but calculated on the fly.

    Thus you cannot splash only on levels Central & Latin America.

    The usual trick is to use a replacement element under (for instance : "total Central & Latin America") to manage the input of the single value

    hope this helps,

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