Jedox 5.1SR3 Excel Add-in - Paste View Very Slow

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  • Jedox 5.1SR3 Excel Add-in - Paste View Very Slow

    I noticed some old posts about Paste View dialog being slow but they don't really apply to my case

    I have the OLAP (64bit) running on a server (Win Server 2008 SR1)

    When I open Excel Add-in on the server - Paste View takes a while to show the dialog box for the first attempt (approx. 30 seconds). After that it is instant.

    When I run Excel Add-in from a remote client (on a LAN and with 1gb Ethernet) the delay to open Paste View occurs every time. Also once open it takes time to refresh the dimensions after a new Cube is selected.

    While I am waiting for it to display the server CPU is 100% running the Palo.exe process. I don't believe it is a network latency problem. Could it be that the remote Excel Client looses its thread every time Paste View is accessed and needs to re-establish it every time ?

    I would really like to resolve this because it is a major user frustration issue. Paste View is kind of essential to the whole PALO operation.

    I am new to this forum so If I have posted in the wrong place please just say.

    Regards, Edward.
  • Hi,
    I would suggest to first try to figure out the 30 seconds it takes on the server on first open of dlg - I assume that, on the server, you're using localhost interface in the connection to Olap, so latency shouldn't be an issue.
    What you could try is, remove all databases except maybe one that is small (e.g. "Demo"), and check whether that makes a difference. Then you could add DB's back one by obne to see which causes slowness. If there's one DB you're mainly using, however, I'd suspect that one is the culprit.
    When Paste View dlg loads, it tries to read dimensions for the currently selected cube, as well as Info on globally stored subsets for these dimensions along with some meta stuff. Slowness might be related to the size of the dimensions, but 30 seconds still sounds like a lot.
    Do other dialogs (Modeller, or Subset Editor) have similar issues when opening?