Write height of a row in a cell using macro

    Write height of a row in a cell using macro

    Good day everyone,

    as there is no function to figure out the height of row I would like to use a macro to do this.

    In the Jedox Macro Engine API Documentation (http://knowledgebase.jedox.com/doc/5_1/macro_engine/)
    I have found the following possibility

    function example()
    { // get the index of row 2
    $index = activesheet()->row(1)->index; }

    However I failed trying to adapt this to my Jedox Web Spreadsheet - intention is to click on a
    Button and than write the height of row 6 in cell L5.

    function _Width_Row_Click ()
    $index = activesheet()->row(5)->index;
    $target = activesheet()->range('L5');

    Does anyone of you have an idea what I am doing wrong?

    Appreciate it :)

    the height of a row is returned via the "height()" method, not via the "index" property.
    For example, this would set the height of the first row in the spreadsheet to 30 px:

    Source Code

    1. activesheet()->row(0)->height(30);

    To return the current height, simply call the height() method without parameter.