Memory Hog - Startup Problem

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  • Memory Hog - Startup Problem


    I have been using PALO extensively for the past two years without any glitches.

    Yesterday, I had a spreadsheet open with many data cells, then, because I forgot to close it, opened the same spreadsheet from a meeting room.

    The server started hogging memory and IT shut it down.

    We now have the problem that the server will start and pick up extraordinary amounts of memory, crashing with a timeout.

    What could I do? Could I manipulate the database somewhat to recover at least the dimensions before restructuring the cubes and content?

    Is there a configuration, which allows a more contained startup?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi,
    did you do any changes to data in last run of olap?
    Olap stores changes in so-called journals, the .log files in the databse directories. If server doesn't shutdown properly (as in your case, it was interrupted by IT), then it attempts to recover those changes from the journals during next startup.

    Now, if there were changes that drastically increased the dataset (e.g. some splashing operations or similar), it might be that the server then requires much more memory than previously. What you can try is to remove all (non-empty) .log files from the DB dorectory in question, then attempt to start. If Server then starts normally, you can check the content of those files and try to locate the "culprit", but that probably won't be trivial (the changes are logged in csv format, but e.g. for cell paths of writeback info, element ID's are used).

    Note that if you decide to continue to run without these .log files, all changes from the last run (start-stop period) of OLAP will be lost for the database(s) where .log's were removed.