Connecting Two Excel Tables

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  • Connecting Two Excel Tables

    Hallo everyone. I have two Excel table: Facttable and Dimensiontable.The facttable contains customernumber, productnumber and unit.The dimensiontable contains productnumber, productdescription and price.I would like to link the two tables with productnumber and generate the sum of each customer by multiplying the unit and price.I managed to model the tables using 'data-driven modelling' function in jedox excel add in BUT SEPARATELY. How can I link both tables/cubes?Thank you in advance.
  • Hi,

    If you have imported both the tables as cubes, you could very easily use a cube rule to calculate the product of unit and price. For instance,

    if you have Fact and Dimension as cubes, add an additional measure, say under Fact as Cost. You could then define a rule under Fact that says Cost = Unit * Dimension.Price. (basically, you need to use to get the price from the Dimension cube). Hence, the rule would be something like

    Cost = Unit *,Dimension,!'Productnumber',"All Product Descriptions",!'Price')

    Let me know if this helps.