Data import of old data

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  • Data import of old data

    Hi Everybody,

    i had some nice data cubes in my palo 1.0c until my hard disk was
    Fortunately there was a back-up of the hard-drive and i have still all
    the data. But the programs we're gone. Therefore i had to reinstall Palo 1.0c.

    The problem is that i don't get my old data in the new installation. I managed to keep the dimension and cube structures but the data is gone.

    Is there any possibility to import again the old data.
    In my backup the whole folder "data" was included with the different
    databases. But now i don't know how to get the data in again...

    Thanks for your help.
    Best Regards from Freiburg.
  • RE: Data import of old data

    Hello Alex,

    Just take the old database from your data-folder and copy it into the new
    data-folder. Stop the new Palo server before you do that, paste the old
    database, restart the server and all your data should be there. You don't
    need to import data manually, it's all in the database folder.

    If you change the Palo version from 1.0c to 1.5, your old database gets
    converted automatically by 1.5 Palo server.