#NULL! data for example database

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  • #NULL! data for example database

    when I insert a view based on your example database showing years, all products and product regions into an Excel sheet, I get error messages in the data cells: #NULL!

    Does'nt your example database contain any data?

    Do I have to process the example cube?

    I have changed nothing after installation.

    Just started the server service, jumped into Excel and tried to insert the view.

    I a future version of Palo it would be nice if a novice user like me can immediately see some data in the Excel sheet when the example database is used.

    Regards, Mario
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  • RE: #NULL! data for example database

    Hello Mario,

    The Demo database is completely filled with data. The dimensions and elements
    can be viewed via the Modeller, the values for example via Paste View.
    - If your sheet returns #NULL! the connection to your server could be gone.
    Please make sure that the server is running.

  • RE: #NULL! data for example database

    The PaloServerService is running.

    Whatelse can I do to ensure that Excel 2007 shows me some data from the example database?

    Is it possible that this is an issue with regard to Excel 2007?
  • RE: #NULL! data for example database

    I am using MS Excel Professional Plus 2007 German.

    I have done the following:
    1. Installed Palo using the default installation routine on Windows XP SP2.
    2. Ensured that the Palo service runs using the Palo manager and service list in Windows system control panel.
    3. Started Excel 2007 and created a new workbook.
    4. Selected AddIns/Palo/Insert View
    5. Draw Product and Years dimensions to row title area.
    6. Draw Regions and Measures dimensions to column title area.
    7. Leave all other options at their default value.
    8. Clicked the Insert button in the dialog.

    Then Excel shows me #NULL! values in all cells.
  • RE: #NULL! data for example database

    Hello Mario,

    Which build of the Palo Add-in do you have installed?
    Please reinstall the demo database: Please download the latest
    release, remove the demo database manually and install again
    so you have a new demo database (in case you leave the demo
    db is does not get overwritten). - Does that work for you now?