How to import attributes

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  • How to import attributes

    Is there an extension for the syntax of EADD to write attributes to a dimension element?

    Or do I do it via the virtual cube #_Dimension_ and insert the elements there?

    Lets say I have a dimension with place names in Germany and I alternatively want the display of the Zip code as another attribute. And if I managed this, can I reference the attribute value as well (meaning can I use the zip code in a function instead of the place name)?

  • Attribute import with the PDI/Kettle-Plugin


    I handle my data import / ETL with the Pentaho Data Integrator (PDI / former kettle or spoon). There I can Import Dimensions from fields, with Level hierarchy and Cells from Fields as values, but I can't find a way to import depending attributes to a Level.

    Has someone experience with that?

    thx alot,

  • RE: Attribute import with the PDI/Kettle-Plugin

    When you create a dimension in Palo, it also automatically creates a special dimension and a special cube to support attributes for the original dimension.

    For instance if you create a dimension called Product, Palo also creates a dimension called #_Product_ and a cube called #_Product

    The elements you load into the dimension #_Product_ must be the "headlines" for the attributes you want to use for the Product dimension. This could be "Weight", "Color", "Price Per Unit" etc.

    The special cube #_Product is defined by the original dimension Product and the attribute-dimension #_Product_

    So you have to load the attribute values for each the combination of the individual Products and the 3 attributes "Weight", "Color", "Price Per Unit" into this cube.

    Make sure to set the correct "Element Type" for each of the attributes. "Color" should have Element Type = String because each color-value are strings, when loaded into the cube, while "Price Per Unit" would have Element Type = Numeric.