Can't create new database

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  • Can't create new database


    I installed Palo sucessful and played around, I created an own test DB.

    But now when I open Palo the create new database option is grey and I cant' create any new one any more.

    I deinstalled Palo and installed it again, but it is still the same.

    Create new database is grey without any selection option.

    Maybe this is due to new Windows patches?

    Thanks a lot for any hint

  • RE: Can't create new database


    Possible reasons are: During install you were not logged in with admin privileges, or you have installed .NET version 2. Please also note that some options are greyed out when no worksheet is active.

    If your problem persists, please send an email to, we will do our best to help you!

    Holger Barczaitis
    Jedox Quality Assurance
  • Hello Holger

    I have Net. 1.1 installed.
    Regarding the server: I'm not working with a server, just with the local host on my machine.

    Whe i installed Palo first It worked fine.
    I even created a new database and tried to upload dimension.
    The next day I wanted to continue and then the option to select or create databases on the local host have been greyed out.

    Could this problem be related to new security fixes, whic we get automatically?

    Or maybe to some malfunction pof Excel?

    I'm stucked now

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi,

    even you are working on a local machine, on that must run the palo server. Take a look into your services and see for a service called "Palo Server Service". This must run.

    On my side once it was like this:

    Creating dimensions, the Cube, installing data. On next day i was not able to connect to the server, because something went wrong while/after importing the data. After the import i shutdown the notebook. But after booting the system, the server was not able to start. I don't remember the error message in the logfile. Droped the logfile of the cube, and the server was able to start again.

    After the next import, same cube - same cvs, the import was fine, but the server itself crashed again. With the same error.

    So, check the Palo Server is running. If not - try to start. Refresh the screen, it can happen that after that the status is "started" / "gestartet" ... depends on your language. Thats true in this moment, but a 1, 2, 3 seconds later the server is crashed.

    Check the logfile (X:/path/to/Jedox/data/palo.log) for errors.

    Hmm, what else *thinking* ...

    That's just a guess what may be wrong, maybe my guess is right, maybe not ... I am just in the beginning ;)

    And now some steps back, because my harddisk crashed few days before. ;(
    So, I am looking forward to the Technical Preview II, so I can play with some of the new functionalities ;)

    I hope i was able to help a little bit.



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  • RE: Can't create new database

    Another problem can be the following: if you use special characters in the dimension element names (for example: é,á,í,q,ó,ö,ü,&); after restarting the machine the serwer isn't able to load the database.

    So, clear the elements with such kind of characters, rebuild the dimensions, reload data and try again to restart the computer or the server service.

    Bálint Varga
  • Server not running

    Hi Mike

    now its getting really hot.
    Thats exactly the problem the server is not running...
    and the problem occurred after the import of dimensions

    I tried to restart the service but it fails again, like you said after few seconds

    I'm thinking about deleting the .xml files to see how the service reacts

    Thanks a lot you brought me much further
  • RE: Server not running

    Originally posted by axelinho

    Thanks a lot you brought me much further

    Hi axelinho,

    No problem, I am happy that I was able to help a little. :) 8)

    You are right, it was something about the dimension. Yeah ... now I remember. It was because I created too much dimensions via the import. The import itself was fine, but after I tried to load the data into the cube the Palo Server was down.

    It's like so often ... the failure is sitting in front of the screen *lol* ;)


  • RE: Server not running


    Originally posted by vargabor
    Another way to damage the database: if you have more than one data import Excel-workbook during data import (e.g.: the dimensiom import workbook during cube value import).

    Result: server breakdown, damaged database


    hm, that's maybe one of my old problems too.

    I don't know the english meaning word for the "pages" within a excel worksheet.
    Can you, or someone else, confirm that there can be the same or maybe other problems having data-import things in case there is only _one_ excel worksheet open, with more than one page with data-import function.

    I hope I was able to describe what I ment, my english is not as got as at my last english lesson about 15 years ago ;)