Change Attribute with ETL Job based on Data Filter

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    • Change Attribute with ETL Job based on Data Filter

      Hello everyone,
      I have the following challenge in creating an ETL-JOB:

      1. I want to select sales-data in a cube, where I filter out only those customers, which did not have any revenues within the last 2 years.
      I managed that by a regular cube extract and on top of that a TableView Transform with filtering on value 0.0. That seems to work fine

      2. Now I wanna take these specific customers and set their attribute “Status” to “INAKTIVE”.
      Sounds easy, but I could’t find any Transform which fits this requirement.

      Any suggestions or ideas?

      Thanks a lot,
    • Probably the easiest way to do this is after performing step 1 of your list:

      1. Create a fieldtransform containing two colums: "Customer" (has to be the name of the dimension itself) containing the elements of the dimension. The second colum should be a new column in the fieldtransform not connected to the source. As fieldname you have to enter "Status" (the name of the attribute you want to change). As value you simply enter "INAKTIVE".

      2. This fieldtransform is the source for a dimension load. The dimension is "Customer". The load modes have to be:
      Load mode for elements: inactive
      Load mode for consolidations: inactive
      Load mode for attributes: insert

      If your step 1 only contains the prefiltered base elements the result will be as required.