Forum loggin in issue

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  • Forum loggin in issue

    I work alongside a colleague, Jackie Theth, who has been an active member of this site, but has been barred 3 times already. She registered with user "JT2880" on Friday, and posted a query on the forum. She also received some responses, and need to answer back. She has subsequently discovered that she has once again been banned from this forum. We have no idea why this keeps on happening

    We commenced using Jedox 5.2 early this year, and we are in the middle of a lot of new work now been set up via Jedox. We rely a lot on this great forum to guide us though these early days of understanding some of the more complex functions within Jedox.

    Your prompt reponse would be greatly appreciated.

    Northrop Grummam Sperry Marine
  • Hi,
    we have recently had major issues with spam accounts flooding this forum. In repsonse, we had to take severe measures against these accounts. It is possible that due to this, some proper user accounts have been deleted. We have now switched registration process on the forum to manual approval, as no other measure has proven feasible so far.

    Please ask you colleague to register a new account. We apologize for the inconvenience.