Different drill through type per database/cube

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    • Different drill through type per database/cube


      I'm wondering if it is possible to have different drill through types per database.

      I have one database, based on the general ledger, where I would like to be able to drill through to the cube level of data. This means that when budgets are input, the drill through also works on manually entered data.

      Now I have another database based on the account payable, where I would like to drill through to a persisted table, as we have a lot of information, like invoice numbers, that do not form part of the database.

      We've been able to set both up separately but the setup seems to be system wide and not database or cube specific.

      Anyway of doing this? (using version 5 sr5)

      Also, can somebody quickly explain what the "drill server rule" menu item is for in excel?

      Thanks and regards.