chart - macro - hyperlink

    chart - macro - hyperlink

    Hi everybody!

    I created a chart and wanted to link it to another worksheet. That sounds pretty easy as the hyperlink function is implemented. But the problem is that the chart only transfers (copy) the given name in the cell and not the function. But the data should change ComboBoxes and other stated attitudes in the linked worksheet. For that I need the ID, but in my case it is an unfriendly/unreadable ID and everyone should read it without problem.

    So I decided to use the hyperlink function to copy the figures/names of the chart in a cell in the same worksheet. With VLOOKUP it should read the right function and with an additional hyperlink it should change the attitudes in the linked worksheet. It is working. But I don`t want to click on the chart at first and then on the hyperlink. So I wrote a macro. But the macro didn`t operate. I tried the function "open" and "getcell" but the macro ignored both options.

    I would be happy if anyone has a suggestion for my problem.

    Best regards,

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