Macro Hyperlinks with values of cells

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  • Macro Hyperlinks with values of cells


    at the moment i am jumping between two worksheets with a button and a hyperlink. This works perfect so far with this code:

    Source Code

    1. return __hyperlink('[/LINK/report.wss]#_parent';

    Further i transfer two values of two cells via variables. But i dont like that. If i create a hyperlink in jedox web, i can perfectly transfer as much values as i want from cells in the current sheet to cells in the "new" sheet. Is there any way to realize that with a macro so i can still use my buttons for this.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hello Pascal,

    I think it can help you!

    Source Code

    1. $NewSheet = activeworkbook()->sheets("Sheet2");
    2. $FirstValue = activesheet()->range("A1")->value;
    3. $SecondValue = activesheet()->range("A2")->value;
    4. $range = $NewSheet->range("B1");
    5. $range->value=$FirstValue;
    6. $range = $NewSheet->range("C2");
    7. $range->value=$SecondValue;
    8. return __hyperlink('[SELF]Sheet2!A1');
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