wrong date sorting in dynarange - any idea?

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  • wrong date sorting in dynarange - any idea?

    hey jedox fellows,

    i have three dates in a dimension (this would be the right sorting):

    jedox gives me these dates back in the following sort (which is not correct):

    does anybody know how to fix this problem and give back the dates in the right order??
  • Hi,

    there is no "date" type in jedox. your dates will be considered as strings, and sorted alphabetically. The order is then correct.

    Using numerical attributes in the format yyyymmdd (e.g. 20150531, 20150630...) and sort it should solve the problem.

    Using rules in the attribute cube you can even parse the dd.mm.yyyy format into yyyymmdd format. But as this is fix you can also write them directly in the numeric attribute

    hope this helps

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