Jedox integrration with Word and POwerpoint

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  • Jedox integrration with Word and POwerpoint

    We have a demo on Firday 4th Sept 2015 and are trying to get he Jedox for word integration working.
    It is installed so we followed the youtube and selected an area of a worksheet, navigated to word, clicked on jedox add-in, pressed add and the box comes up. We browsed to the excle file after saving the word do as a new doc.
    In the name box we gave it a name and pressed Add. Noything happens.
    The only way we could get some sot of result was by copying the highlighted area. This now pastes the chart into the document but it does not update like it shows in the youtube.
    Any ideas people?
    Mike ;(
    Mike Potashnick
    CFMS - The place to come for Budgeting, Reporting & Planning Intelligence
  • Hi Mike,

    Just checking if you have done the following..

    1. In Excel, once you select the area - have you given in a name (as in Excel named ranges)?
    2. Save the Excel file once you have named the area (named range)

    Once you do that, in Word, as soon as you select the Excel file, the named range should come up in the Name selection box.