Intersecting DynaRanges

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  • Intersecting DynaRanges

    I have a purchase file. In the first column, I have Purchase Order in the first column, second column has product, third column has date, fourth column has quantity of purchase. A cube is made, with four dimensions, PONumbers, Products, Months and Measure.

    I now need to represent this in a table as described below:

    1. Along the rows, I have products. I have used a Vertical DynaRange for the Products to complete this (say DynaRange1)
    2. Along the columns, I have months. A Horizontal DynaRange is used here (DynaRange2)
    3. In the intersection of each product and Month, I want a Vertical DynaRange that lists out the PONumbers.

    For Step 3, I have used a DynaRange with a data filter that has DynaRange1 for Products as a variable, DynaRange2 for Months as a variable, and have set Sum of all Elements > 0 to have a zero suppression. It is at this stage that I dont get any data out. When I specify a particular month, the data is displayed, but, is not properly repeated across.

    Need some thoughts on completing this report.

  • Hi Kiran,

    you cannot but any dynarange in the intersection of 2 dynaranges.

    BUT! what you could do is cascading the dynarange3 (the one with the PO Numbers) with the dynarange1, like this:


    the dynarange3 displays the PO Numbers, and in the subset you put as variable "Dynarange1" for the dimension products. For months you put a consolidation elements that sums up the months. Just make sure that the span of Dynarange1 covers the Dynarange3


    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • I can check if my client is ok to try that model, however, I am not sure. If you see the attached file, you can see the difference between what is needed and what the suggestion would look like..

    One problem with the cascading dynaranges is that it makes the report taller than the currently used report at the client's place.


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  • Here is a solution..

    Instead of a DynaRange, I have used a Subset at the intersection. It works!!

    But, then, I don't have the flexibility of a DynaRange :( . Would work for me for now, as I am only making a demonstration for the client.

    Hope we can get this feature into Jedox, so that it helps, as a DynarRange is nothing but a subset.