Packaging the Palo c client (libpalo2) for Fedora

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    • Packaging the Palo c client (libpalo2) for Fedora


      I have begun the process of packaging the palo c client (libpago2) for fedora.

      The review request can be found on:
      The .spec file can be found here:…/0.0.0/palo-client-c.spec
      and the SRPM is here:…nt-c-0.0.0-0.fc23.src.rpm

      In this first build of package, I have included 2 patches:
      Patch 0: updates the automake build files to allow libpalo2 to build
      • Updates ../libpalo2/ replacing the now obsolete automake syntax AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(libpalo2,5.1) with AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
      • Updates ../libpalo2/ splitting the lines:

      Source Code

      1. INCLUDES = -I../libpalo_ng/source/include -I../JedoxXlHelper
      2. AM_CPPFLAGS = -std=c++0x -D__UNIX__ -D_MT

      onto seperate lines likes so:

      Source Code

      1. AM_CPPFLAGS = -I../libpalo_ng/source/include
      2. AM_CPPFLAGS += -I../JedoxXlHelper
      3. AM_CPPFLAGS += -std=c++0x
      4. AM_CPPFLAGS += -D__UNIX__ -D_MT

      • Finally, patch 0 also replaces now obsolete ../libpalo_ng/source/m4/ax_boost.m4 with a more modern version
      Patch 1: further updates the automake files, but now just remove obselete syntax
      • Updates ../libpalo2/, replacing the now obsolete syntax of AC_PROG_LIBTOOL and replacing it with

      Source Code

      1. LT_INIT
      • Also adds the following into ../libpalo2/

      Source Code

      2. libtool: $(LIBTOOL_DEPS)
      3. $(SHELL) ./config.status libtool

      As always it would be ideal if there two patches could be incorporated for future releases.

      Since most of intermediate automake files shipped in the svn tree are debian specific, the .spec uses the following process for the build, effectively forcing the intermediate automake files to be re-generated:

      Source Code

      1. libtoolize -f
      2. aclocal
      3. autoconf
      4. automake --add-missing --copy
      5. chmod +x configure
      6. ./configure
      7. make

      Thanks and regards,