How to hide Extracts, Transforms, Loads and Jobs from certain users?

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  • How to hide Extracts, Transforms, Loads and Jobs from certain users?

    Hello everyone,
    my issue is with respect to the ETL-Jobs visible in the Integrator Manager. Basic Need: How to hide Extracts, Transforms, Loads and Jobs from certain users?

    e are currently using only two databases (one named Germany and another one Portugal). To handle the access of our users, we created two groups of users. (1) „DBGermany-Reader“ & (2) „DBPortugal-Importeur“.

    (1) DBGermany-Reader is a group and involves real user. We attached a role with the rights to generally „read“ stuff to it, but limited the access of the group to only „read“ (=see) the Database for Germany.E.g. a user in the group DBGermany-Reader can only act in the role of a reader on the database called Germany and is not able to read (=see) anything else.
    (2) We then attached another role to the group DBPortugal-Importeur, which allows everything you need to handle Data-Driven-Modelling. With a membership in this group, you can import data directly into Jedox. Yet this group can see no other databases. (Germany is invisible.) The only access given is generally „full access“ to the Database Portugal.

    So the two groups of users have been working with their roles just fine. Life is great!

    Here’s the deal:Several users will have to work in both functions simultaneously from now on. As I put some time into testing the emerging mix of rights, I noticed that the bulletpoints in the Integration Manager are fully accessible. A new user would not be able to actually import data to a place where he has no right to write something. (He could not write data on the database Germany, since writing is still forbidden there.) But he can change and delete the existing bulletpoints, namely Extracts, Transforms, Loads and Jobs. So from now on any user in the new position could by mistake make a mess.

    How to hide ETL+J from certain users? Thank you very much in advance!
  • Hi, I had a similar problem and I solved it by creating a little application based on the ETLtask example provided by Jedox. I had to split the ETLtask task in smaller special sub task and made collection for each user group. You can control the access than by giving the appropriate rights to the application.

    hobe this helps
  • I wonder how you would apply the rights to the application? Or would you create one document for every application and then give access rights to the document itself?

    Sorry, I don`t get your approach, because the ETLTask example is a document in the file manager. What are you referring to?

    Thanks in advance
    Greetings from Germany, Frankfurt a.M.