Cube load

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  • Hello Team,

    Is is possible to load historical data into a cube by deleting data from that data 1st before putting new data?
    Suppose we have the following data for November 16:

    Invoice Num: inm123
    Transaction DATE: 11/16/2015
    Location Country: Germany
    Location Center: Mainz
    Salesman_Code: empty
    Salesman: empty
    #Values: 123

    One week past and the data updated into:

    Invoice Num: inm123Transaction
    DATE: 11/16/2015Location
    Country: Germany
    Location Center: Mainz
    Salesman_Code: s123
    Salesman: rose
    #Values: 123

    If this scenario happens again and again due to the data transfer so manually splashing it to zero is not a good idea.
    What i want is during cube load if im having a java script that is loading a from a specific date can I delete data for those data then insert the updated value?

  • what do you mean "during cube load"?

    alternative would be to delete each cell line by line but in case of large data volume it can be very loooong.

    let's take a look on an example:


    using a cube slice on Germany;2015 as a source for a delete load, this would delete the 3 last cells.

    now if I have the following in my extract (constant table, or something similar) :


    and use as a source for a delete load, then only those 2 cells are going to be deleted.

    is this more clear?

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • you mean from November 1st to November 3rd?

    If your dimension base elements are dates you can easily generate a regex that will query all dates in the ranges, for instance:

    ^01.11.2015|02.11.2015|03.11.2015$ (should give it a try, this could be some other syntax

    this in a cubeslice will allow you to query the range

    Post hoc, non est propter hoc