Insert attribute cube in jedox web?

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  • Insert attribute cube in jedox web?


    in excel I can add a view into the sheet that shows the attribute cube and all attributes to a dimension.
    Is there a way to insert this in the same way in jedox web?
    I cannot choose attribute cube when inserting a dynarange.

    Thanks for your hints!
  • I am working on the same thing. Since dynarange doesn't seem to cover it directly, I wanted to build them manually by placing dynaranges and then inserting the PALO-formulas without "guessing the argument". Hence, I expected Jedox to give me the full range of both dynaranges and automatically fill in the PALOs in the spreadsheet in between.

    So far, the results are not satisfying. This could be a way, though. I'll get back to this when I find more time to do so.

    Best regards!
    Greetings from Germany, Frankfurt a.M.
  • Here is what you could do (probably not the best way, but at least a way):
    If you have a e.g. vertical dynarange containing the dimension (lets say DIM1) elements, you can reserve a certain of columns for the following formula.
    Select these cells (as column headers) and add the matrix-formula PALO.DIMENSION_LIST_ELEMENTS("Server/Database";"#_DIM1_") and confirm the formula by ctrl+shift+enter.

    This should give you the list of attributes of the DIM1 as columns and the dynarange gives you the DIM1-elements in rows.
    Last thing to do is adding a PALO.DATA into the cells covered by the dynarange showing the actual values from the attribute cube.