global Macro possible?

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  • global Macro possible?


    i use some macros that are connected to datepickers for example. I have the same macro in several files / sheets.
    It would be enough to have the macro one... is there a way to create a global macro that can be places in one central file and can be called in all sheets?

    Thanks for your hints
  • Thank you very much for this link dominik_l

    functions – used to specify custom functions which will be
    available to every ME user. You have to specify the name of the function
    as it should be used in spreadsheet, the path to the file which
    contains the definition for the function and the internal name of the

    I'll try this, but at the moment i am not sure if this handles only global functions that can be called in every sheet then. What I need is to access this function not from a sheet but from another macro or from a control form element. I want to link datepickers and checkboxes to a global macro. Do you know if this works, too?