Make Rule dependend on active user? [BENUTZER.AKTUELL()]

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    • Make Rule dependend on active user? [BENUTZER.AKTUELL()]

      Hello everyone,

      I wonder if one could formulate a rule that is dependend on the user who creates the current view.

      In documents I can bring in the BENUTZER.AKTUELL() formula which brings back the active user immediately. (User.Active)

      I would like to have a rule that follows this logic:

      ['Your ticket'] = PALO.DATA("Database", "Cube", [BENUTZER.AKTUELL()], "Ticket number")

      Unfortunately, a formula such as this is not listed in the manuals.

      Any ideas or workarounds?

      Thank you in advance!
      Greetings from Germany, Frankfurt a.M.