Make Rule dependend on active user? [BENUTZER.AKTUELL()]

      Make Rule dependend on active user? [BENUTZER.AKTUELL()]

      Hello everyone,

      I wonder if one could formulate a rule that is dependend on the user who creates the current view.

      In documents I can bring in the BENUTZER.AKTUELL() formula which brings back the active user immediately. (User.Active)

      I would like to have a rule that follows this logic:

      ['Your ticket'] = PALO.DATA("Database", "Cube", [BENUTZER.AKTUELL()], "Ticket number")

      Unfortunately, a formula such as this is not listed in the manuals.

      Any ideas or workarounds?

      Thank you in advance!
      Greetings from Germany, Frankfurt a.M.

      no chance, you try to get a client-side information from the server. This cannot work.

      I would create a User dimension which contains the same information as the #_USER_ dimension. From there you can adapt easily the formula to make this work propertly

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
      Unfortunately there is no way to do this. One of the reasons is that all the cells have the same value for all users. Implementing such rule function would destroy this principle and cause inconsistency in report results and kill performance - every user would have to have his own cache.